Gluten Free Friendly

Our famous buttercream icing on Gluten Free Friendly chocolate or red velvet cupcakes! Pre orders strongly recommended.

Gluten Free Friendly Flavours
Crave-o-licious GFF – Try our limited edition red and white Holiday Crave GFF
Just Chocolate GFF
Nutty Over Chocolate GFF
The Princess Chocolate GFF
Peppy Pattie GFF – Try our limited edition green Holiday Peppermint GFF
Lovely Bunch of Coconuts Chocolate GFF
Dark Angel GFF
Red Velvet GFF (min 6 per order)

each | $4.25
half dozen | $25.50
dozen | $51.00

each | $2.35
half dozen | $14.10
dozen | $28.20

To start your order please contact our Central Orderline.


We are a gluten based bakery and because of this, we cannot 100% guarantee that our GFF baking has not come into contact with wheat based/gluten containing flour. We take extra care to reduce the possibility of any cross contamination.

Here are our Gluten Free Friendly Baking Procedures

  • We store all ingredients used in GFF baking in separate containers from our non GFF ingredients
  • We consciously reduce airborne flour where we can while preparing our GFF baking
  • We maintain clean workstations during the handling of GFF baking
  • We wash and sanitize all pans and utensils before they come into contact with GFF baking
  • We wash our hands thoroughly before handling GFF baking
  • We store and package GFF baking separately from our gluten based products