Carrot Cake

Available March 1 to March 31
An all time favourite craving of the month! Baked with fresh carrots and a little bit of apple sauce, this cake is extra moist. Each cupcake is swirled with cream cheese buttercream and topped with handmade royal icing carrots.

We asked our customers on instagram to submit their best carrot puns and jokes, here’s some of our favs:
“Haters gonna hate, I don’t carrot all” – Rebiah
“Romain calm and carrot on” – Florence
“I don’t carrot, I’m having another cupcake” – Erin
“Carrots are too mainstream, I preferred them when they were underground” – Sabrina

each | $3.75
half dozen | $19.95
dozen | $38.95

each | $1.90
half dozen | $10.95
dozen | $19.95

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