Crave Cookies and Cupcakes



Are there franchises available?

We are currently not offering franchises.

Do you ship your cupcakes across Canada?

We would love to be able to send your craving wherever you are. Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature of the product, cupcakes do not travel well. So, we keep our cupcakes in the cities we operate in.

Do you do character cupcakes and cakes?

Yes, we make character cupcakes. You can visit our gallery of character cupcakes and choose the characters that will work with your event. For cakes, you can visit our cake gallery.

If you are hosting a wedding or special celebration that calls for something different from what you see on our gallery, please contact us for a consultation with our Wedding & Special Event Coordinator.

Laura Christensen

Do you do anything special for birthdays?

We are more than happy to write a message on top of a cupcake for you (ie. Happy Birthday Oliver), or you can pick a special cake from our cake gallery.

Do you make cakes?

Yes, we make cakes. Check out our online cake gallery.

Our cakes are very popular. While we only require 48 hours' notice for cake orders, we recommend that you put your order in as soon as possible to secure your spot. If you need your cake on a weekend, try to order it three weeks in advance.

To order your cake, please call 403.270.2728

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, our packaging is recyclable. Even though there is no stamp on the package we have been assured by our supplier that if your recycling company picks up your plastics, it can be recycled.

How are your cupcakes packaged?

The regular size cupcakes come in two-packs or six-packs and mini cupcakes are packaged in dozens or in sixes as well. For individual regular size cupcakes, a blue or white take-out box can be purchased for an additional $2.00. If you would like your cupcakes gift wrapped, we do have blue boxes which can be purchased for an additional $3.00.

How can I keep my cupcakes fresh for as long as possible?

Our cupcakes are baked fresh without preservatives the morning you purchase them, so they are best enjoyed the day of purchase. However, if you need to pick your cupcakes up the day before your event, place them in the refrigerator or somewhere that is below room temperature. Two to three hours before serving, remove the cupcakes from the cool storage, pop the lid open a crack and allow the cupcakes to be brought back to room temperature.

In the event you have cupcakes left over from an event, simply place the cupcakes in their container into the freezer. When you want to enjoy another Crave cupcake, take one out of the freezer and allow the cupcake to come to room temperature before consuming. If you take the entire container out of the freezer open the lid of the plastic container and allow the cupcakes to come to room temperature in the container.

Why do you sell out?

Ah, the infamous question of “why are you not open until the end of your posted hours”? Part of what makes our products taste so great is that we truly bake from scratch each morning, we never sell leftover cupcakes the following day, and each one of our recipes is measured out by hand. This in itself is what makes everything taste so great and of course is what makes our products sometimes hard to get! We strive to meet the needs of all our potential customers by baking as much product as we possibly can. Like most bakeries we start at 4 AM and there is a finite amount of fresh product we can produce on any given day. We spend a significant amount of time and money on hiring staff and purchasing equipment to meet the demand of our customers. That said, we do still sell out on occasion.

Do your cupcakes contain nuts?

Yes, we have nuts in our kitchen and of course we use real peanut butter in our peanut butter icing. So, anyone with a nut allergy should not consume our products!

Do you have a limit on the number of cupcakes you can purchase?

No. You can purchase as many cupcakes as you like, but you may be limited to what is available in the store when you visit. If you need cupcakes for an event, we recommend calling 1.855.MY.CRAVE to place an order in advance (please see the questions below on ordering). This way we can ensure that you will receive all the cupcakes you need.

Are they really family recipes?

Yes, we are born and raised farm girls and come from a line of great bakers. The chocolate cake we use for our cupcakes was our great grandmother’s and our vanilla cake is the same cake our mother used for our very own birthday cakes. So, if it is a recipe for the Craving of the Month or just something new we want to try, we always go to the family archives first!

Do you use real butter?

Yes, we only use 100% butter in all of our recipes.

Do you really bake from scratch?

Yes, all of our products are baked from scratch every morning. We crack each egg and measure every cup of sugar used in our products.


I called 24/48 hours in advance but I could not place an order?

Due to the nature of our product (baking from scratch each morning) we can only bake a finite amount of fresh product each day. We reserve a certain number of cupcakes to be slotted for orders and the remainder is for walk in traffic. When we are full for orders, this does not mean you cannot get cupcakes, it just means you will have to come into the store that day and pick up what you need.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

We are happy to say that we can now take same-day cupcake orders! For cookies and cakes, we require at least 48 hours notice. We do, however, have a limited number of baking that we can produce in a day. If you are ordering a cake or a large amount of cupcakes, we recommend that you put your order in as soon as possible (if you need your cake or large cupcake order on a weekend, aim for three weeks in advance).

How do I make an order?

We are presently working on a on-line ordering system.  To place an order please give us a call at 403.270.2728 or send an email to and we’ll be happy to assist you.